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Don't want to miss a day but can't get to the gym?

Try this at home workout! This can easily be modified for all my pregnant ladies. Grab a friend or your spouse. Exercise is always better together!

Day 1

45 seconds each exercise (go as hard as you can for 45 seconds) || Rest for 25 seconds || Do 3 rounds.

- Basic Burpee (you can walk your feet in + out for a modified version.)

- Walk-Ups (push up to your hands from your forearms, then release back down)

- Jumping Lunges (modification: alternating forward lunge)

- Bicycles - try to bring your elbows to the outside of your knee as you twist)

- High Knees (try to keep your arms in the air. This is a great pelvic floor exercise.)

- Superman Plank (Get into a plank position on your hands + toes, keep your core tight. Lift opposite arm and opposite leg. Drop to your knees for a modification)

Day 2

1 min each exercise (no rest between exercises) || Rest for 1min || Do 3 rounds.

- Squat w/ alternating Rear Leg Extension

- Basic Burpee

- Side Plank (switch at 30secs mark)

- Tricep Pushups (do as many on your feet as you can, then drop to the knees)

- Alternating Forward Lunge

- Plank

Day 3

4 x 20secs on 10sec off of each exercise, the move on to the next || Repeat 2-3 rounds

- In & Out Squat Jumps (squat knees + toes together, jump and land in a squat with feet apart. J

ump, land with knees and feet together, repeat)

- Mountain Climber Pushup

- Walk-Ups

- Plank Jacks

- Burpee w/Tuck Jump

- Lateral Alternating Side Lunge - Squat Jump in the Middle

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