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All About Victoria Finneran | Glow Body Health and Wellness

Hey You,


Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Victoria but my family calls me Tori….well, except my husband when he's introducing me to colleagues.  Then he just refers to me as Babe. 


I have been obsessed with health since I was a little girl.  My grandfather had a stroke when I was very young and I desperately wanted to make a machine that would replace the heart and pump blood throughout the entire body using electrical pulses.  My dad sat with me for hours studying the body and writing up the plans.  He never once mentioned that that machine already existed.  It was called a pacemaker!  Fast forward 30 years and I am still so intrigued with the human body and how we can keep that heart pumping for as long as possible.  Since then I have been to school for Nursing, obtained my Nutrition + Health Practioner Certification and become a Certified Personal Trainer.  I am constantly studying the latest and greatest (they do not always go hand-in-hand) research to support my clients and their goals.  Besides knowledge is power!

I have an innate gift of understanding the human body and listening to people that has allowed me to pinpoint the root cause of DIS-EASE in their bodies and many times even in their minds.  I can then create a comprehensive nutritional, fitness and wellness plan that supports them perfectly.  There is not a one size fits all model for health.  I know you have heard that before but it is true!  So what I recommend to you, is not necessarily what I do or what I would recommend to someone else.  The goal is to thrive, when you are fully aligned it is amazing the power  comes from with-in

If this sounds like something you think you want for yourself then let’s connect.  I give a totally free consultation so see if we are a fit before you get started. This should feel good to us both.

Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dimmed the whole world is clouded ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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