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Supplements: There is so much mystery around these magic little pills. They are suppose to make us feel better, cure our aliments, keep our systems balanced, erase all our wrinkles and makes us smarter. How can this be possible? To be honest, it can’t. Let me first define supplements.

Supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbals + botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics and any product that is made to compliment or enhance the functions of the body. Vitamin + mineral supplements are the most common. We need to think of supplements as a way to just fill in the gaps. They can help to ensure that we are getting what we need when we are not able to do it naturally or in some cases stop or slow production with age.

They are a catalyst to help your body get back on track, not something we should be dependent on. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of supplements. They absolutely hold a very crucial place in todays world, of over taxed bodies and nutrient deficient diets. They are especially important when it comes to supporting someone on their health journey. I also believe each person’s specific supplement need is unique to them and where they are in their lives. It is not a one size fits all.

You can read about the supplements that I use for myself and my family to help support our immune systems during these long winter months, here!

With all that being said there is very little research around and in support of dietary supplements so it is super important to do your homework to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing supplements:

  1. 1) Find a trusted brand. There are several really amazing people in the wellness industry who have realized the lack of quality supplements and have started to create their own. Research the product and the person behind the company.

  2. How readily available is the information about the product. I go to a site or look at the packaging on Amazon. If there is not enough information or a link for all the information regarding the product, it’s potency, the manufacturing process + the company I will skip right over it no matter how many reviews it has.

  3. You want to avoid all supplements that claim to contain “propeirty blends”. This is a catchall for a group of several dietary supplement ingredients. Suppliers are not required to list how much of each ingredient there is in the blend just the contents and if you are sensitive to any of the ingrediants that may be a problem. Quantity is just as important as quality!

  4. Find a well informed, trust person to help you decided what supplements are right for you. There are several avenues available to actually test for what vitamins and minerals you could be deficient in as well as foods you might be sensitive that are causing more harm then good. Having this knowledge can be a really helpful guide to the right supplements as well as great way to save money on testing out different products.

If you want more information on the tests that are available to check for those imbalnces or intolerances. Please reach out to me at or contact me at my about page

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