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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I want to talk to you about this little side business that I am super passionate about and I have never really share with you before. I carry a line of personal care and household cleaning products called Pure Haven Essentials, you can check out my website here (Pure Haven Essentials). I actually began carrying them about three years ago, but hate sale, and never like to push things on people. So I have just stuck this little gem in my back pocket to share with my clients if they happen to mention or inquire about the benefits of going non-toxic. What I have learned is that, that phrase, “going non-toxic”, can sometimes be as overwhelming for people as the notion of going “vegan”. So I wanted to give you some insight into what it can mean for you and your family and why carry this line of products has been super helpful when it comes to helping my clients make the transition.

Everyday we are exposed to countless chemicals, man-made and from exposure to the natural elements. Lets be honest, these day, it’s mainly man-made chemicals that we are mainly absorbing though. Fortunately our bodies are wired with this amazing ability to filter out many toxins through our liver. Our liver has a tremendous responsibility in the body. However, more often then not, we are so inundated with the number of chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis that our bodies get overwhelmed and we can’t filter out everything or worse our liver gets mucked up and can’t do it’s job, which I will talk more about later. What we have to remember is that our DNA was programmed to deal with the natural elements that we evolved from, not the man-made ones that we are now dealing with everyday, in our couches, our pillows, our sheets, our make-up, our hair products, our skin care products, our cleaning products not mention all the pollution and by products from manufacturing and cars and our DIET! At some point our bodies just shut down and thats when we start to experience the increased rates in disease, headaches, weight gain, brain fog, allergies and digestives issues….it can go on and on because each of our bodies deal with these exposures differently. Once our bodies are overwhelmed by all these foreign molecules, these molecules begin to take over and our cells just don’t know what to do with them all. So lets talk for a minute about the importance of these effects on our liver in particular.

Our liver is vital in the detoxification process and I want to impress upon you how all of this coincides with how important it is to eat a proper diet. If you are eating a proper diet and helping your body to maintain a constant state of detoxification you will be much better prepared to deal with those daily toxic exposures. The liver is the bodies waste purification plant. I personally think that it is arguably one of the most important organs in our bodies next to our hearts. It is responsible for the purification of our blood, the building of amino acids into proteins for muscle growth, turning extra carbohydrates in the body into energy stores for later and then breaking down that energy into sugar when we need a quick boost (think fat storage and metabolism), as well as the regulation of some of our most used hormones. It is also responsible for breaking down and deactivating certain hormones, the ones we don’t want just hanging around in our bodies like insulin, estrogen and cortisol (that awful fat making stress hormone). So you see if the liver can’t function properly because it is bogged down by all the toxins it is exposed to, it won’t be able to do the job it is designed to do, and the only thing that is going to suffer is your health and even your weight.

By creating a non-toxic living environment for you and your family you are ensuring that you are giving your body the best chance that it has to clean out each out day and protect you for the next day ahead. When your body is efficient and effective you can feel the difference. Most of us have no idea what that could feel like until we experience it, we have just gotten use to being uncomfortable. Growing up I had terrible eczema and was allergic a variety of different products. I was told I just had sensitive skin but what I am realizing now is that it was actually my body just telling me that it couldn’t deal with everything it was being exposed to, what we were told was safe to use. Just because a lot of people seem to have the same problem, doesn’t mean that problem is okay or normal. It is a sign that there is something else going on.

So why did I go with Pure Haven Essentials? When I started this journey, I was, like you probably overwhelmed by all the different products and ingredients and determining what was safe and what wasn’t. I bought the products honestly to support a friend but quickly learned that the message, quality and value couldn’t be beat. As I become more informed and more overwhelmed with the addition of two and now three more kids my time was being cut shorter and shorter and mixing concotions of cleaning supplies in my kitchen became less and less feasible on a regular basis. So I kind of became dependant on my Pure Haven Products. The best part was that they have something for everything, kind of like a non-toxic Target! Making it a one stop shop, something I also value as a busy mom. So now when I get complimented on how fresh and glowing my skin is, as I waddle down the Trader Joe’s check out line 7 months pregnant with 3 screaming kids, I smile because I know it’s not my calm and relaxed state of mind that has given me this glow but a combination of my diet, exercise, a commitment to being as non toxic as possible and Pure Haven Essential’s incredible skin care line.

There is so much information regarding toxins and your health and even your wellbeing and I will absolutely go more into that later. I will also talk more about what chemicals to avoids and the affects that they can have on your body as well as the benefits of using the different products. In the mean time if you are interested in going non-toxic and have any questions or have some amazing tips for others on what to do or use please feel free to share them below. I love hearing from you!!

You can check out the entire Pure Haven Essentials line here:

Or message me on my face book page Glow Body Health Wellness, on Instagram @gbhwellness or sign up on my website to learn about how toxins could be effecting you and your family. I am here to help, guide and bring awareness in any way I can!

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