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In this picture I had literally just given birth to Dorian a few hours earlier. I delivered at a birthing center in the tub. I felt amazing, powerful and blessed! Fast forward 1 month and self-doubt was creeping in, I had mastitis, I was actually gaining weight. I wasn’t working as much as I wanted to or thought I should be. And the cycles of ups and downs continued for the next several months.

Looking at this picture now I am reminded of how easily influenced you are as a new mom, no matter how many kids you have, by the perfect images and impressions and those self-inflicted expectations. How important it is to take a break from all of that “fake life” and live in YOUR life. How nothing can replace the feeling of real human interaction, with real people and not just messages on a computer screen or the phone.

How a proper diet is imperative in the healing process after giving birth and how unforgiving we can be to our bodies. The bodies that have produced a little human in just 9 months. I was reminded to listen to my intuition, that goddess gift that all women are blessed with and most of us spend our life ignoring. I was reminded that this precious time in our life after giving birth comes and goes so quickly and that we need to embrace it and not fight it. I was reminded for the 4th time that you look back on that first year of your child’s life and realize that you waste so much time trying to re-establish “normal” when in fact you are working towards a new normal.

All of this I was reminded of but could really only see once my sleepy eye had some rest. My body had healed a little and my raging hormones had begun to subside. So, if you are reading this now and have 1,2 3 or 6 babies know that I feel and felt everything you are feeling too. Be patient with your body, trust your instinct and skip the late night social media feed scrolls. You are perfect and everything you are feeling is totally NORAMAL!

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