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Have you taken a minute to truly pause and breath?

I have had so much that I have wanted to share with you these past weeks. However, with the kids home and in lieu of all the changes and the weight of everything going on, it felt right to spend time with my family and really reflect on things. I feel like we are finally getting into a routine…or maybe my wishful thinking for an end to all of this has waned. Whatever the reason, I have now found the head space to take some time and really fill up my cup by doing what I love most. Connecting with you and sharing some insight into all that is going on.

Up until now, I have been super conscious about not sharing information that I felt was controversial. Quite honestly, I was afraid of the backlash. I have now realized that it has kept me from truly speaking my mind. I did not create my own platform to only share information that lacked controversy, that information can be easily obtained. I created this platform so that I can inform people about things that maybe are not so easily obtained, things you may not be getting somewhere else. Information that makes you go ‘hmmm’…the type of information that will hopefully intrigue you.

It led me to the theme of this newsletter…FEAR…


So let’s talk about fear as it relates to the current circumstance. My heart is breaking for all of the people out there who are now living in fear of this virus. The narrative has gone from fear of being infected with the virus, to much worse – being responsible for infecting someone you love with the virus. We have labeled our children as public enemy #1. Any of you who have tried to food shop with your children over the past few months know that label all too well. (The weight of that on any of us!) From a health perspective, nothing is worse for the immune system than being in a state of constant fear + stress. Quite honestly, I fear more for those who are stuck at home carrying this tremendous burden than I do about those who may actually get Covid-19. We are so fearful of this virus that many of us have relinquished our rights as citizens of this country. We have traded our freedoms to protect those that we love….essentially trading our freedom for the protection from the fear of our role in this pandemic, which is whole other conversation in itself.

I think it’s important to recognize that true freedom actually comes in the face of fear, adversity and most of all, truth and that’s what we have been lacking! The truth is that we have been misled, not just through this “pandemic” but for the past several decades. We have been taught that viruses are something that we need to fear, something that we need to protect ourselves from. Something that we literally need to hide from. The truth is we are suppose to get these viruses, build up our immune systems and come out stronger.

I have watched this play out, this story of fear. I’ve listened to a lot of the doctors and nurses (who have been given an impossible task) and the patients who have tested positive for Covid-19, a strain of the coronavirus. I have even watched as some of my most beloved sources of health information have come forward to say that they or their loved ones have also tested positive – and now share their fears with us. When we look at the bigger picture, the fear actually comes from our lack of control and understanding as much or more so than the fear associated with actually being infected by the virus. This lack of control then extends to the treatment of the virus. Many will ultimately have to put the fate of their health or their loved ones health, or in the case of the elderly, their lives in the hands of another. Most times a stranger and that is scary!


The truth is we do not need to fear this virus. In fact this virus has been around much longer than any of us have lived on this earth. This virus is apart of the microbiome that has created this planet and even us as humans. We are a genetic rewriting of viruses trillions upon trillions of times over. We are meant to live in symbiosis with this virus and all viruses. The virus proves to be “harmful” when we have gotten to place that our symbiotic relationship with the virus has gotten out of whack the result we see is in the form of illness, dis-ease. When illness comes it is a sign that nature and the body need to realigned. This is extremely evident not just with the coronavirus but with the current state of our health as a nation.

We have advanced so quickly as a society yet our bodies are still so primitive. We are not designed to handle the burden that comes from modern advances that have been advertised as ways to better humanity, excessive exposure to environmental toxins in the food, water + air, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) from electronic devices (we carry charges as well), and an overload of vaccination + medication to treat conditions that really just require some diet + life style changes.

“I whole heartedly believe there is a place for modern medicine. However I believe it’s place should be saved for those that have exhausted all other options.”

Our medical system was established on the foundation of treating disease versus prevention and because of that the profit comes from the turn over of patients and not the care of individuals. I want to help you remove that fear. I want to help you gain that control back. I want to create a movement of empowered parents and individuals who understand that health is not found in treatments but in living in conjunction with nature and building health. If you are feeling out of whack it is probably nature telling you something. Treatments will mask the discomfort but it will not solve the underlying problem.


These are obviously just my opinion, but it is these opinions that have led you to me + to creating this business that supports the whole person and not just treating the disease. I have made it my mission to empower everyone to take their health into their hands so that we are not so dependent on our healthcare system truly #flatteningthecurve.

Let’s start a conversation! What are you most fearing right now, be honest with yourself. Most of the time it is the things we do not understand and therefore feel like we can not control. I can at least help you with the health side of it! What questions do you have and do you feel like you are lacking knowledge to support your health?


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