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LAWSUIT | Motion for Emergency Temporary Injunction + Restraining Order Cooke V. CCSD

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

From Attorney Joshua Hooser:

"Given the Attorney General’s letter (see below) of legal opinion, we are going to move forward more aggressively in court and ask for an injunction today. Unfortunately, this means we will not be able to add everyone as an official plaintiff. However, we still want your stories heard, and we want to file your sworn affidavits with the court. Please see attached the updated Affidavit’s without the Word Plaintiff."

Download PDF • 5.90MB

If you want to participate and have a sworn Affidavit of your testimony included in this lawsuit please take the following steps.

1) UPSC is collecting the names and experiences of anyone who wants to participate in this lawsuit. If your school enforced the mandate on your child against your will, please click on this link to a Google Form and describe with very specific details the experience you and/or your child/ren had.

2) Then fill out an Affidavit below to go along with your testimony. We need your testimony with the Affidavit. You can either copy and paste into the numbered section at the bottom of the form or type See Attached in the numbered section and attach a copy of your statement. We will print everything out for you.

  • Only 1 affidavit per family

  • Please edit the CAPTIALS in the Affidavit

  • You do need to decide if you want 1 parent or both parents to participate in the lawsuit. This will be public knowledge.

Single Parent Affidavit

Link Here:

Or Download Here:

Download DOCX • 15KB

Both Parent Affidavit

Link Here:

or Download Here:

Download DOCX • 15KB

3) Then send the NOTARIZED form to by noon on Friday, September 24th.

***UPSC will be at the office of Joshua Hooser, tomorrow, Friday the 24th, From 10-12p to answer questions and notarize any Affidavit needed.***

Franke Building

171 Church Street,

3rd floor, Suite 340

You can park at the attached garage. The car entrance is on Cumberland St. in between Meeting St. and Church St.

Statement From A.G. Allen Wilson

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